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2nd    2nd
3rd    3rd
4th    4th
5th    5th
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7th    19th
8th    6th
9th    8th
10th    9th
11th    11th
12th    12th
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17th    13th
18th    18th
19th    25th
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22nd    21st
23rd    22nd
24th    31st
25th    15th
26th    26th
27th    30th
28th    29th
29th    27th
30th    24th
31st    35th
32nd    32nd
33rd    48th
34th    34th
35th    28th
36th    42nd
37th    38th
38th    37th
39th    33rd
40th    36th
41st    41st
42nd    40th
43rd    44th
44th    46th
45th    43rd
46th    50th
47th    39th
48th    45th
49th    55th
50th    72nd
51st    57th
52nd    61st
53rd    59th
54th    62nd
55th    60th
56th    64th
57th    51st
58th    49th
59th    54th
60th    47th
61st    66th
62nd    52nd
63rd    65th
64th    70th
65th    56th
66th    58th
67th    71st
68th    67th
69th    69th
70th    63rd
71st    68th

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Click on the images above to look at the install guides for these APK & Apps and get more information on what they can provide for you. And remember this, just because an APK or App hasn't been nominated for much this week and sits lower down on the list does not make it a bad one. We only show the best APKs or Apps for you on APKTime.

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Typhoon TV (20.8%) OLA TV (7.6%) Vola Streams (6.7%) Cinema HD (5.1%) HDTV Ultimate (4.3%) Pluto TV (3.8%) ZippyTv Xstream (3.7%) Cyberflix TV (3.6%) LiveNetTV (3.6%) Sports TV 3 (2.5%) Mobdro (2.5%) Morphix TV (2.3%) FileLinked (2.0%) BeeTV (1.8%) RedBox TV (1.5%) CetusPlay (1.5%) Cartoon HD (1.5%) TeaTV (1.4%) Mediabox HD (1.2%) AOS TV (1.1%) TVTap (1.0%) UnlockMyTTV (1.0%) Movie HD (1.0%) CatMouse (0.9%) Kodi (0.9%) Free Flix HQ (0.8%) Megabox HD (0.8%) Tubi TV (0.8%) Wawa Sport TV (0.7%) Live Lounge (0.7%) USA TV & Radio (0.6%) USTV (0.6%) Dofustream (0.5%) Exousia (0.5%) VivaTV (0.5%) Newest Movies HD (0.5%) Appflix (0.5%) Theater Plus (0.5%) Pocket TV - Master (0.5%) TVZion (0.5%) UKTV (0.5%) One Box (0.4%) NovaTV (0.4%) Kokotime (0.4%) AnimeDLR (0.3%) Streamin (0.3%) Freeflix TV (0.3%) Comic Box (0.3%) JetBox (0.3%) Happy Chick (0.3%)